New mother displays to the world what the postnatal period really looks like

A mum posted a photo of herself in her full vulnerability holding her 3 day old baby in tears. This photo has swarmed Facebook like wildfire and has gained 20,000 shares on social media in raising awareness for the truth of what new mums can struggle with in this post natal period.

The new mum is Danielle Haines whom was very open about her emotions in her post saying that she felt ‘so raw and open’.
This post is one that women all over the globe have been waiting for! Someone to stand up and say this isn’t all beautiful and rosy. This is hard work being a new mum and to handle the emotional roller coaster that comes with it.

Danielle stated in her post of one of the things that was very healing for her and that was an open heart and a listening ear from her friend that came over to see her and her baby. Us as women need to know that we’re not alone, to have someone to just sit with us, even if it is in utter silence until we’re ready to open up to the fragility that is being a new mum. That can transform what we’re going through from painful to powerful.

When Danielle’s friend asked her to take this picture she thought she was crazy but her friend saw the rawness and the beauty that lies within this photo to represent the embodiment of a new mother in the making.

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