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“My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy of a truly safe, comfortable, and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby.”



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Prenatal and Birth Services

I will provide you with childbirth education, discuss your birthing choices for whatever birth you desire and advocate for you and your partner to aid you in making informed decisions. I also offer you physical and emotional support, comfort and pain-coping measures, encouragement, and aid your partner in being able to support you to the best of his ability.

HypnoBirthing® is a comprehensive childbirth education program which is designed to teach women to trust in nature’s way of birthing and to relax and let their bodies do what is needed. by practicing a few key techniques, mothers program their minds and condition their bodies to birth easily.

Birth Boot Camp is a well structured, thoughtfully planned, evidence based childbirth education program that will give expectant parents all the ‘tools’ they need  to have a safe, positive and informed birthing experience.

Birth Boot Camp is about giving you a complete run down so that you can get everything you need to know in a 2 day workshop.

I offer birth preferences consultations for you and your partner in the event that you might not be ready to hire a Doula but want an experienced labour support person to guide you through your choices for birth or to help you prepare for the realities of labour, birth and having a new baby.

I will guide you through a Birth Art session to explore and connect with your intuitive side and receive inner wisdom and explore assumptions and expectations about birth, address anxieties or fears about birthing or parenting and potentially process your experience from a past birth.

The Mother Blessing is about the woman we know best – it is not centred around the baby growing inside you but about the woman, the friend the sister and the mother-to-be and honouring you in this rite of passage. I plan the Mother Blessing with you to include unique features to honour you so that you can remember this time as a special sacred moment that you will cherish.

What families say about my services


“Moran is an exceptional doula. I had my fourth baby with her and wish I could have had all my babies with her. She was warm, caring, generous and informative. She offers 3 sessions before the birth and provided so much knowledge and information. Even just with this I felt she was worth every penny. Her office in red hill is beautifully presented and my husband and I felt very comfortable. I felt so safe, calm and supported with Moran. She came to my house when I went into labour and came with me to the hospital. This was my most peaceful and beautiful birth. The energy in the room was beautiful. He was a 4.5kg baby and I birthed him naturally – Moran held my hand and provided calm and beautiful encouragement. My baby is 3 months now and I am enjoying him so much and I know that on a emotional level feeling supported in pregnancy and birth has helped with that. I truly feel that what Moran did for our family was priceless. I can not recommend her highly enough. She will be one of the best decisions you ever make.”



“Thank you Moran for doing my placenta encapsulation. I honestly feel they helped so much energy wise and day after I started taking them my milk flowed in! ? I especially love your willingness to help me with creating a placenta print for me and for the heart-shaped cord keepsake which I will forever cherish.”



“Moran helped us with placenta encapsulation, she made the process so easy and I cannot be more grateful for that. I found taking the placenta after having my bub helped me greatly with my energy levels, mood and milk supply. I also healed quite quickly after my pregnancy and I believe the placenta really helped. Thank you so much for helping us, especially so last minute!”



When I was anxious from being 2 weeks past my due date, when I was exhausted from a LONG labour, and when I was surrounded by hospital staff who would not give personal advice due to the fear of being sued; Moran was truly an irreplaceable asset. The greatest value of having Moran on my birthing team was that I could ask her ‘what would you do’ and she would always reply directly. Moran knew what I wanted and what I believed in, and she would give a straight response in relation to my goals.

Throughout the long wait for my baby to arrive, the 4 days of labour, an OB telling me I absolutely had to induce and get an epidural, 4 days of exhaustion and hunger, and doctors trying to interfere with my birthing experience- Moran was there supporting both myself and my partner. Because of her I did not feel alone, overwhelmed, or fearful.

On the day, she was with me for nearly 24 hours, supported me on difficult decisions, got me a vomit bag just in time, fed me coconut water, fetched many warm blankets, and even snapped photos of the moment my daughter was born. We are so thankful to have had Moran on our birthing team. As my partner says, ‘we would’ve been f*ckd without Moran!’



Spending 5 weeks with Moran was such a joy! I have been excited to learn the hypnobirthing methods for a long time and I was not dissapointed. Her classes were so enjoyable and informative. All of her years as a doula shone through with such passion and wisdom. I enjoyed her slide show format which was supported by videos and hands-on learning. I found the classes to be practical and fun and I would recommend them for every pregnancy woman to attend with her birthing partner. Thank you Moran for sharing what you love with your community…and a special thank you for the yummy treats and tea each session! ❤️


Birth and Postnatal Support Services



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Why Choose me

I provide individualised care and attention for every client during their journey to parenthood. I believe that birth leaves an imprint not just on the birthing day but for years to come and can have a profound affect on a mother’s emotional and mental wellbeing, her partner and the family as a whole. My role is to support the couple’s journey through pregnancy and birth and to prepare them for a positive and empowering birth experience.


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