5 Of The Best Dad Pages

Dads play a major part in childbirth and even though they are not physically birthing the baby they too still have their own fears, inhibitions and questions that need answered before the big day. They are there to be mum’s support and should optimally feel as though they have the knowledge on how to exactly do that without their own anxieties getting in the way as that can alter the progress of the birth and also lead to a very stressful birthing day.

So where can dads reach out and speak to other dads and get informed, connected and prepared on all things birthy ahead of this momentous day? Here are my top 5 dad websites, Facebook groups and blogs that can begin dads on their journey…

  1. Becoming Dad ~  This is a website and Facebook page for expectant and new fathers to be engaged, educated, mentored and supported during pregnancy, as they prepare to be present at birth, the role of fatherhood and the transformational changes that they will experience in their lives as men, partners and fathers. It was founded by Darren Mattock whom is a birth activist, educator and writer. They have a closed Facebook page exclusively just for dads to be able to share in a safe space. Click here for the Becoming Dad Website and Facebook Page.
  2. The Peaceful Papa ~  This is a blog website and Facebook page. Peaceful Papa discusses gentle parenting, respecting a child’s autonomy and treating them as the awesome humans they are. It’s about being respectful to their needs, being understanding of their behaviour and disciplining based on connection, not punishment. Click here for The Peaceful Papa blog and Facebook page.
  3. How to be a dad ~  Charlie Capen & Andy Herald are two sleep-deprived dads from Southern California whom are trying to figure out the dad thing with everyone else. They use humour on their journey of learning and share their experiences along the way. Click here for their website and Facebook page.
  4. Don’t Forget Dads ~  This is a wonderful Facebook and Instagram page dedicated to dad posts and pics which really display the bonding connection dads have with their kids.  Click here for the Facebook and Instagram pages.
  5. Savvy Daddy ~  This is a community orientated website and Facebook page dedicated to dads. The website contains hundreds of articles specifically for dads from how do deal with your daughter’s first period to how to raise kids of integrity to how to get your toddler to sleep in his own bed. Click here for the website and Facebook page.

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