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Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp is a well structured, thoughtfully planned, evidence based childbirth education program that will give expectant parents all the ‘tools’ they need  to have a safe, positive and informed birthing experience.
Birth Boot Camp is about giving you a complete run down so that you can get everything you need to know in a 2 day workshop.


Practical tools to use in labour
How your partner supports you in labour 
The natural process of labour & birth & the health-care practices that support it
Movement and positioning during labour & birth (Active Birth)

The hormones of labour & how these help or hinder us
The role that pain plays in labour & a wide range of coping strategies for managing it
How to minimise fear & anxiety through mindfulness and relaxation practice

Birth Plan & Preferences

The rights of childbearing women
Medical interventions; indications, risks & alternatives
Making a birth plan
Communicating with your healthcare provider

Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition

Postpartum expectations & self care
Local resources to support you during & after pregnancy



* Giving Birth with Confidence
An evidence based book (pictured)

* Program Booklet 

* Handouts in class


Morning & Afternoon Tea

* Gift Bag

* Natural product samples
& information 
from Moran & Carla throughout pregnancy & beyond.

* Access to our private Facebook group with our Birth Boot Camp Community. 


Why should I choose Birth Boot Camp?

Birth Boot Camp Workshops have been meticulously designed to provide expectant parents with the knowledge and confidence to navigate their birth with calm and ease and to provide parents with all the latest evidence based practices so that they can have a positive, empowering and safe birth.

What's the difference between Birth Boot Camp and other childbirth education programs?

We are both long standing childbirth educators and through our years of experience teaching couples and attending births we have designed this program to provide expectant parents with exactly what they need to know and focus on ahead of the birth.   We’re aware that many parents are limited on time or just want to learn what will work for them within their schedule and so this workshop works.  It’s held over two days (9-4pm each day) so is an intensive birth education program.

We know what works and what doesn’t and Birth Boot Camp teaches you the best of it all so you can walk away feeling ready, reassured and excited about your birth. We feel that a face to face program gives couples much more than online childbirth education as you get the chance to ask questions, see how things look in real life scenarios, meet likeminded expectant parents and pick our brains with any question big or small.

The other great thing with this program is that when the workshop is finished, we will stay connected with you, we’ll check in to see how you’re going and you’ll get access to our knowledge at any time.  You’ll also get access to our Birth Boot Camp private facebook group so you can connect with likeminded families and stay connected with our community.

When is the best time to do Birth Boot Camp?

The best time to start is from 20+ weeks as we find expectant parents start planning and thinking more seriously about their birth at this time.  The techniques and ‘tools’ that we’ll give you will be able to stay fresh in your mind so anytime is a good time.  Being a two day workshop you can also do Birth Boot Camp later in your pregnancy.  We’ve taught mums as late as 37/38 weeks.

How much is the program?

Birth Boot Camp is $600.  This includes two full days of learning (12 hours) split over two weekends.  You also receive the book ‘Giving Birth with Confidence’, Workshop Booklet, morning & afternoon tea and a gift bag with information and natural product samples.  Carla & Moran will also continue to support you once you have completed your workshop.  We’ll check in with you after completion of the program and are happy to answer any of your questions and/or point you in the right direction for further research and resources.   You can also gain access to our private facebook group to connect with our Birth Boot Camp Community. 

Where is the workshop held?

Birth Boot Camp is held at My Midwives, 1 Windsor Rd, Red Hill, Brisbane.

What's included in this program?

You’ll learn:
The hormones of labour
How to ward off fear and anxiety during birth
Relaxation and mindfulness practices
Prenatal & Postpartum nutrition
The normal, natural process of labour and birth, and health-care practices that support it
The rights of childbearing woman
The important role that pain plays in labour and a wide variety of coping strategies for managing it
How your partner can support you during labour
Movement and positioning during labour and birth (Active Birth)
Medical interventions and their indications, risks and alternatives and help you make your own birth plan 
How to communicate with your healthcare provider
Postpartum expectations and self care
Local resources to support you during and after pregnancy

“Birth isn’t something we suffer, but something we actively do and exult in”

~ Sheila kitzinger”

Happy Families About Me


Spending 5 weeks with Moran was such a joy! I have been excited to learn the hypnobirthing methods for a long time and I was not dissapointed. Her classes were so enjoyable and informative. All of her years as a doula shone through with such passion and wisdom. I enjoyed her slide show format which was supported by videos and hands-on learning. I found the classes to be practical and fun and I would recommend them for every pregnancy woman to attend with her birthing partner. Thank you Moran for sharing what you love with your community…and a special thank you for the yummy treats and tea each session! ❤️



Moran is amazing! I rang her at 34 weeks (3 weeks before Christmas) freaking out that I wasn’t going to be prepared to have my baby and she was able to make time for my husband and I to have some intensive sessions. They were informative, relevant and up to date to help us make the best decisions for our birth. She is calm, kind and understanding of all the possible fears new parents might be holding on to. My husband found her to be inclusive and supportive, while giving him the knowledge that he sorely needed to act as my voice during the birth. She has increased our confidence 10 fold heading into what used to feel like ‘the unknown’. Thank you Moran!



My husband and I undertook a hypnobirthing course with Moran earlier this year and I must say, she is extremely knowledgeable and well versed. Whilst I wished for a natural birth, I was unable to do so, I still felt a great deal of power from the knowledge I acquired during the course. Her course on hypnobirthing prepared us slowly on what to expect from our bodies and the healthcare system. She presented a detailed breakdown of the different choices available to us during birth, induction, and c-section, and how to support one another during before, during and after birth. After the course, we both felt educated on our rights during the whole process, we were given leaflets, booklets, cds, books, videos and letters to help us understand the content of the course, as well as some information to present to medical staff to ensure that our wishes were respected. Whilst I had to have a c section, I felt that Moran and this hypnobirthing course played a big part when it came to my calm attitude throughout it all. My husband and I are business owners and Moran was the perfect hypnobirthing teacher for us, she made it very casual and fun for us and we are forever grateful for all of her help and support.



Moran’s approach and knowledge is on point!
We have great confidence and look forward to our home birth.



The hypnobirthing classes re-framed my idea of how birth should be and gave me confidence in myself. Moran was able to clearly and gently direct my mind away from the terrifying depiction of birth that we see all to much, to the truth of it as a natural act that women and babies are built for. More importantly, Moran taught me how to draw on my deep seated instincts as tools to bring about a calm and natural birth. She also articulated the importance of my husband’s presence and role in the labour, something I never knew to be so relevant to the whole experience. Without her extensive knowledge and soothing teaching style, I don’t know if I could have trusted my body to give birth naturally. I went into labour at 6:00pm and welcomed my firstborn and son at 4:00am on Valentine’s Day. It was a natural birth and even though there were a few hiccups (his heart rate went down) I was able to keep calm and breath him out. He was perfectly healthy and latched within 30 minutes. Thank you Moran!



Moran was very caring through all our classes and answering any questions was never too much. She made both myself and my partner feel ready and at ease for the birth of our baby to come. Highly recommend her services.



My wife and I took Hypno birthing course with Moran. We loved it, got so much out of it . Moran is very knowledgeable and supportive, she provided us with lots of valuable information and we just felt so confident and excited about birthing after finishing the course. We wanted her as our doula but she is in high demand, booked out. Get in quick while you can . Very lovely and enthusiastic person , loves what she does and does it extremely well.



Dear Moran,
Your Hypnobirthing classes were absolutely wonderful. You are such a friendly and knowledgeable teacher.
As our birthing partner/doula you were a godsend! Not only did we find the perfect doula we found a friend as well. Moran is highly professional and very easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable and confident with Moran being an integral part of our labour.
Thank you again- I wish there were more women out there like you!
I can’t thank you enough! Xx



Dear Moran,

Thank you for the informative hypnobirthing classes, we really had the perfect quick & smooth no drug natural birth as we envisioned for our 2nd son. Thanks for making it come true!



To help me with some of the uneasiness I was feeling about birth generally, my husband and I (maybe half heartedly and fully in the dark) signed up for hypnobirthing classes with Moran based on a recommendation from a friend. Moran was the perfect mix of thoughtful, insightful, compassionate and absolutely capable. 3 years later and I still look back on that time so fondly.