5 Must Haves For Your Birthing Day…
The time is coming closer and it’s the moment where you must think of the crucial necessities that you need for your birthing day… what to pack in the bag? What to take with you? What is a must? And what will aid you through every surge to relax your muscles and make it easier for you to let go? As a Doula I witness through every birth what does and doesn’t work and the amazing power of certain and most necessary ‘tools’ that you can take with you to transform your birth and empower your body especially through those moments when you think you can’t go on.

So these are my 5 MUST haves for your birthing day…

  1. Essential oils – the use of essential oils in labour can not only set the mood in the birthing room whether that be home or hospital but also help relieve any muscular stress, emotional fears, bring on more effective surges and even may relieve you from feeling nauseous and a bit yucky. If you don’t want to come with a collection of oils then I would highly recommend these three as the must on your list and they are Lavender, Clary Sage and Peppermint and bring either a base oil like almond oil or coconut oil to mix it with.
  2. The Rebozzo – The Rebozzo is a long Mexican shawl that can be used during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. One of the many uses of the Rebozzo is used for carrying your baby however it has also been utilized in the birthing room from helping to hold a heat/cold pack around your back, covering your eyes so you can feel that you are in your own little cocoon. It also great in relieving pressure that the you might feel in certain parts of your body during the labour process and even to jiggle baby into a better alignment with light sifting of your tummy. One of the best things the Rebozzo can be used for is for the pelvic squeeze, which will feel like heaven for you! Don’t worry if you don’t happen to make a trip to Mexico for one of these as you can substitute an authentic Rebozzo for any long, wide and thick scarf you have at home.
  3. Your Birth Plan – So hopefully you’ve done your birth plan or preferences as I like to call them weeks or even months before the birthing day and maybe you’ve even brought it to one of your prenatal sessions with your doctor or midwife but what I highly recommend you do is also make sure you have a copy in your bag ready for your support team to kindly run through it with your care provider on your birthing day in case its not in your hospital file. That way  you can rest assured that everyone knows what your wishes are and your support people can advocate for you based on those preferences.
  4. Music – Any music you love will do perfectly fine whether its mozart and even Bon Jovi. Or perhaps you prefer a HypnoBirthing cd or affirmations that you’ve listened to in your pregnancy. Listening to those familiar sounds during the birth can really transform your birthing day. It can change the way you feel, it can bring you back to how relaxed you were listening to that music while you were pregnant, to that safe and serene zone you were in and take you back there when you most need it. The music can also change the birth atmosphere to calm and tranquil with the music you love, and make you sense that you are safe especially if you are in an unfamiliar setting. Listening to affirmations are also a major ‘tool’ that can become the voice in your head that you need to remind you of what your mind and body is truly capable of.
  5. A Doula – I save the best for the last!! I speak now purely from my own experience. For me one of the biggest MUST haves for my births was my AMAZING Doula. My births would’ve taken a completely different path without the guidance, the trust, the support and the knowledge I gained from having this one person there that was purely and entirely there for me and this confidence enabled me to enjoy my birth knowing I was never alone. I felt safe and confident knowing I had her there as we’d built a relationship based on trust and I confided in her in my fear release so that she knew what my triggers were and she therefore affirmed to me exactly what I needed to hear to make me feel safe.

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