Mama gives birth naturally to 6kg Baby

The fear mongering about big babies is so widespread that women are literally so anxious before the birth just from the fact that someone may have said to them that their carrying much bigger or their care provider may have planted the seed that their baby is a bit on the larger side. And so that seed of doubt grows within a women’s belief system in herself and then when she does go into labour that doubt grows bigger and women resign to the fact that they need some sort of medical assistance to get their babies out. But this is far from the truth for most women. The diagnosis in itself of a big baby can mean that your on a slippery slope down the intervention highway as you are more likely to end up with an induction and a Cesarean just from the fact that your care provider just suspects that you are carrying a big baby. Research has told us that your care provider’s presumption that the baby is big can be more detrimental to your birth outcome than the big baby in itself. So that’s when women are usually advised to get an ultrasound in late pregnancy to confirm their diagnosis but that has been shown to be highly inaccurate as well to give a correct estimation of baby’s birth size.

So this bring me to the recent birth of a mama in Melbourne that gave birth to a 6kg baby. Natashia Corrigan gave birth in January of this year to a very big baby however she did it only using gas and her natural body’s ability to birth her baby. She claimed that mind over matter and positive thinking is what got her through. She did have assistance with her baby’s shoulders but that was resolved safely as she had the support of her partner and sister to keep her calm. She wasn’t induced, she wasn’t numbed out, she did it all by herself!! And in today’s medicalised birth era that is pretty spectacular stuff!!

It is true that in around 7-15% of big babies they might have difficulty with the birth of the shoulders but with a well qualified care provider this can be handled well and safely for mother and baby and does not mean that it has to escalate to a medicalised birth or that you need to prebook for an induction or Cesarean.

This isn’t the first I have heard of big babies being born naturally as I’ve had many clients who have birthed 5kg babies with no intervention and even in their own homes but I think its important for women to read stories like these so that they can imprint this into their new belief system in terms of what their body is capable of and discuss their wishes for their birth with their care provider so its a safe and gentle birthing.


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