Birth Boot Camp – ChildBirth Education With A Difference

A new childbirth education program that’s breaking the norms is now in Brisbane. Birth Boot Camp is on the rise and breaking boundaries in what we know in preparation for birth. We’ve all seen and watched ‘One Born Every Minute’ and the medicalisation of birth that we have grown so accustomed to. Whenever you watch a birth in the media it is never without excruciating suffering and women screaming from the top of their lungs, so women have it in built in their psyche that birth is torment, women must suffer and women are destined to have them eventually lying on their backs with their legs up in stirrups and give away their power for the sake of childbirth.

This movement of giving away our power in birth came to be in the 1950’s ‘The era of the twilight sleep’ and what was known to be the time of the psychedelic drugs women were forced to endure to knock them out during childbirth so that they didn’t have to ‘suffer’. We might have come a long way since those times but still today in Australia 34% of women on average have a caesarean birth, 30% are induced and according to the World Health Organisation our Cesarean rate is more than double what it should be to save lives and to better outcomes for mothers and babies. According to WHO our Cesarean needn’t exceed 10-15% and our induction rate should only be at 10% so what is going on in our maternity system at the moment that is necessitating mothers to undergo invasive operative surgery to birth their babies? And why are women being induced left right and centre??

As a Lamaze childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing practitioner and Birth Doula I feel women are bombarded into unnecessary intervention without informed consent and the evidence-based information to back up the information that is only rarely provided to expectant parents. I have supported couples through pregnancy and birth for the past 8 years and in doing so I have watched my clients struggle to get a ‘normal birth’ which in essence means one without any unnecessary medical intervention in the absence of medical need and respect from their care provider however this is an uphill battle. One of the best evidence based ways to reduce the risk of intervention is to enable labour to begin on its own however women are coerced daily to have their labour induced simply for the fact that they are what’s classified ‘overdue’ without any other pre-existing factors warranting a medical necessity to intervene and so the domino effect of drugs and their side effects begins and from there it is a slippery slope to a very disempowering experience not only for the mother, but her baby and the birthing partner.

Today in Australia 1 in 3 women will experience a birth trauma and 1 in 10 will walk away from her birth with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This means that we are in serious need to not only change the maternity system we are currently in but for this change to happen it needs to come from the consumer and those are the expectant parents. Women and their partners need to get educated on their choices so that they too don’t become a statistic and fall between the cracks and will be able to recall their story with positive memories instead of something that needs to be debriefed with trauma.

That is how Birth Boot Camp came to fruition. Carla Morgan from Birth and Baby Hub and I have developed a new program to educate expectant couple of just that and so much more. When you think of Boot Camp the first thing that comes to mind is muscle exertion to the max, mind over matter mental attitude and your body surpassing what you thought was humanly possible and that is what Birth Boot Camp is developed upon. We aim to inform, empower and provide a wealth of knowledge to women and their partners in an intensive 2-day program beyond no other.

Birth Boot Camp is a childbirth education program developed from our vast experience as childbirth educators that have taken all their learnings from teaching about birth, attending births and their own childbirth experiences to give parents the crucial information they need to know beforehand. When to go to hospital? How do you know if a medical intervention is needed? What do you do if baby is malpositioned? How do you cope with the pain and turn it into power? How can your partner support you to manage it all? What are your birth choices? How can you minimise the chances of having a tear? What can you expect in the postnatal period? And so much more!!

Birth Boot Camp is not about the end result of having a natural birth. It is about have a Positive birth in which mum, dad and baby come out of this birth holistically healthy in both body and mind and can reflect back on their birth with good memories.

“The phrase ‘healthy mum, healthy baby’ actually means ‘alive mum and alive baby’; we MUST have a higher standard than that for birth” ~ Julie Francom

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Article written by Moran Liviani (2Life Doula)

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