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Positive Birth

Mama gives birth naturally to 6kg Baby

The fear mongering about big babies is so widespread that women are literally so anxious before the birth just from the fact that someone may have said to them that their carrying much bigger or their care provider may have planted the seed that their baby is a bit on the larger side. And so that seed of doubt grows…

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Is this the new solution for Postpartum Depression?

Any mum that has suffered through postnatal depression or anxiety knows that it is a silent disease that feels like your all alone in the hopelessness that is your mind. But now the new drug Zulresso that promises some relief for that is paving the way to give these women some hope for a better tomorrow, but are we losing…

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The ‘Fourth Trimester’

The Fourth Trimester ‘The first 40 days of life will impact the next 40 years of life’…this is an Indian saying deriving from an ancient tradition in which the minutes, hours, days and weeks following your birth should be spent nourishing your baby and nurturing yourself by having family and friends take care of you so you can rest and…

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‘Free Birth’ The Story Behind The Headline

It is the controversial video that has been making the rounds on social media. A mum having a very gentle and calm home birth assisted only by the loving support of her partner and Doula. So now we ask why all the controversy? Why is this video getting so much hype and awareness that just on my facebook page it…

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Vaginal examinations in labour, is it an intervention?

In supporting clients over many years now in their birthing journey I make sure that we go through their birth preferences way ahead of the birth so that they not only know their choices in birth but also what the evidence is behind the common interventions laid out to them as a menu in labour. Information is power in labour…

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Preparing yourself for a Positive Birth

In your pregnancy when you started thinking about your birth you visualised this ‘perfect’ birth of candles lit in the background, your favourite music playing, your partner holding your hand as you slowly breathe out your baby to the ‘I am strong’ mantra playing over and over in your head. That’s how you prepared, that’s how you programmed your mind…

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