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Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp


Birth Boot Camp group classes

Birth Boot Camp stands as a shining beacon of childbirth education—a meticulously crafted program that marries structure, wisdom, and evidence-based knowledge to empower expectant parents. It is a profound resource that not only equips but also inspires, offering a treasure trove of essential tools that not only ensure a birthing experience imbued with safety but also one that resonates with positivity and a profound sense of informed decision-making.

Within the sanctuary of Birth Boot Camp, participants embark on a transformative journey over the course of a comprehensive two-day workshop. Here, the veil is lifted, revealing the wealth of knowledge and insights that await. Each participant is invited to a profound experience, one that leaves them well-prepared, well-informed, and deeply inspired.

As a Doula who intimately understands the ebb and flow of birth’s unpredictability, I approach the realm of group sessions with a deliberate and considered approach. Birth, in all its miraculous wonder, dances to its own rhythm, often arriving when least expected. Given this inherent unpredictability, I hold only a limited number of group classes each year. In response to this, I offer a heartfelt alternative: the embrace of private sessions. In these intimate gatherings, expectant parents are provided the undivided attention and guidance they deserve, ensuring that their unique journey into childbirth is navigated with the utmost care and personalisation.

This journey, whether embarked upon within a group or during a private session, is a profound one—an odyssey into the heart of childbirth. It is my fervent belief that every family should have the opportunity to not only acquire knowledge but also to be infused with the spirit of empowerment. Birth Boot Camp is the vessel through which this transformation occurs, illuminating the path to a birthing experience that is safe, positive, and deeply informed.

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  • Hormones of labour, birth and postpartum
  • How fear and anxiety can play a role in your birthing day
  • The mind-body connection and its negative and positive impact in labour
  • Practical ‘tools’ to use in labour
  • How your partner can support you in labour
  • The natural process of labour & birth & the health-care practices that support it
  • Movement and positioning during labour & birth (Active Birth)
  • The role that pain plays in labour & a wide range of coping strategies for managing it
  • How to minimise fear & anxiety through mindfulness and relaxation practice
  • Birth Plan & Preferences
  • The rights of childbearing women
  • Medical interventions; indications, risks & alternatives
  • Communicating with your healthcare provider
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum expectations & self care
  • Local resources to support you during & after pregnancy

WHAT YOU’LL RECEIVE (only applicable to group classes)

Giving Birth with Confidence – Judith Lothian

Birth Boot Camp Workbook & USB with Relaxation Tracks

Handouts in class


Morning & Afternoon Tea

Gift Bag


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