Birth Debrief Consult

Birth Debrief Consultation

1 hour session Cost: $100.00

Today in Australia 1 in 3 women will experience birth trauma. It’s an unfortunate and alarming rate that impacts the mother, her baby and any support that woman had in her birth. Birth trauma is not about what necessarily happened at your birth but the way the you felt about the things that were happening to you. Many women are told ‘just be grateful you have a healthy baby’ but you can be grateful for your baby but still mourn the birth you envisioned for yourself. Birth is not just about that day but it something that will impact your sense of self, your emotional and mental health and your journey into mothering.

As someone that has experienced my own birth trauma I know the impact this can have and in supporting countless women in birth I understand the system and the repercussions to the women that are unable to debrief and have a non judgemental space to rationalise, verbalise and conceptualise what they went through.

I offer these debrief sessions as a stepping stone for women to start the healing process and be able to feel heard and validated for their experience.

These sessions are available either via zoom or face to face in Brisbane, QLD.