Birth Preferences

Birth Preferences Consultation

1 – 1/2 hour session Cost: $150.00

What if you could have a clear understanding about the choices and alternatives that are possible for your labour and birth? Have you read the books and taken the classes but still feel like you need more information? Do you need personalised guidance and tips for how to rock YOUR birth? I offer birth plan consultations to women and couples who might not be ready to hire a doula but want an experienced labour support person to guide them through their choices for birth or to help them prepare for the realities of labour, birth and having a new baby.

With your birth consultation, you can feel confident in your ability to handle the flow of your labour and birth while having a clear idea of your preferences. You will be prepared for any challenges that may arise, by having discussed and prepared for the different scenarios you might be presented with. I can help you with techniques for coping with pain and having a natural birth and if you want to know what you’ll be “allowed” to do at your chosen birth place, we can discuss the protocols and interventions that may arise.

These sessions are available either via zoom or face to face in Brisbane, QLD.