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Birth Preferences

Birth Preferences

Birth Preferences Consultation

2 Hour session Cost: $250.00

What if you could have a clear understanding about the choices and alternatives that are possible for your labour and birth? Have you read the books and taken the classes but still feel like you need more information? Do you need personalised guidance and tips for how to be more informed going into your birthing day?

I understand that pregnancy and childbirth are deeply personal journeys, and your birthing experience should be a reflection of your values, desires, and unique circumstances. The Birth Planning Consultation services are here to provide you with the guidance, information, and support you need to make informed decisions and create a birth plan that feels just right for you.

The birth plan is one step to empowering you on your path to parenthood. This personalised consultation is to ensure we address your individual concerns and preferences. Whether you’re exploring natural childbirth, considering pain management options, or have specific wishes for your labour and birth, I’m here to help you navigate the choices ahead. Let me assist you and your partner in crafting a birth plan that honours your journey and sets the stage for a positive and memorable birth experience. Schedule your consultation today and embark on this exciting new chapter in your life feeling fully prepared and confident in your choices.

With your birth consultation, you can feel confident in your ability to handle the flow of your labour and birth while having a clear idea of your preferences. You will be prepared for any challenges that may arise, by having discussed and prepared for the different scenarios you might be presented with.

These sessions are available either via zoom or face to face in Brisbane, QLD.