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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation





In China, it is common for a postpartum mother to only eat and drink warm foods and beverages. It is thought that a new mother is cold for the first 40 days postpartum. According to TCM, a postpartum woman is cool because she has lost Qi (the life force) due to loss of blood. In order to return her body to homeostasis, we must warm the mother by only giving her stews, broths, tea, etc. By steaming the placenta, a tonifying or warming food, it helps the mother return to baseline.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta has been used for thousands of years to correct hormonal imbalances, boost milk production in lactating women, heal infertility and various other health issues. The placenta has amazing abilities during the postpartum period; it can heal, sustain, and strengthen. The placenta is an organ made by you to nourish your baby.

Mums have reported…
– Increased overall energy
– Enhanced milk supply
– Eases “baby blues”
– Increased iron levels
– Back to pre-pregnancy state much quicker

Hormones known to be in the placenta:

Oxytocin – The ‘feel good’ hormone, creates feelings of bonding, happiness, and pain relief

Cortisone – Eases stress and unlocks the body’s energy stores

Interferon –Stimulates the immune system to help fight off infection

Prostaglandins –acts as an anti-inflammatory

Hemoglobin –Replenishes iron, stimulates iron production in the blood

Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII –Lessens bleeding and promotes faster healing

Prolactin –Stimulates and promotes healthy lactation.