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What the F@#% is HypnoBirthing?

This article was written by Michelle Clift of Simply Natural Childbirth, whom is a HypnoBirthing ~ Mongan Method Practitioner in Doncaster East, Victoria. What the F@#% is HypnoBirthing? So the mother of your unborn child has told you she wants to learn HypnoBirthing. You reply with Hypno What? I get it. It sounds strange and if you’re like most people,…

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3 Ways Doulas Help Dads At Birth

Doulas aren’t just for mums and babies – they’re for dads and partners, too! But let’s talk just dads in this post and make it all about dads, as that’s my area of experience and expertise. Dads, if you’re feeling sceptical about hiring a doula, wondering if a doula is worth the investment, or worried that a doula may replace…

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